🎧 three by seven—the playlist

Hi team, sorry I’m a little late on last week’s three, but they’re here. ALSO, I will be delivering on 3by7’s most requested ask: a spotify playlist of all the songs so far. Two things to note:

  1. It’s got all songs that are on Spotify, not the Soundcloud / Bandcamp stuff

  2. I can’t promise it flows super well. If you’re looking for more cohesively curated song selection, might I recommend some of my fave playlists that I actively update: for an upbeat dinner party, for chill gen z vibes, for hanging out at the pool, for making the most of the suburbs, or for a dingy disco afterhours.

    3 by 7 Spotify

“Rare Happiness” by Hunee

Released 2015—Spotify
A groovy throwback that’s good day or night, whether you’re lounging around the house or sweating it out in some basement.

“Dana” by Tekno

Released Dec 2020—Spotify
Loosen up a few buttons on that linen shirt and make the most of this hot weather.

“Spanish Joint” by D’Angelo

Released 2000—Spotify
One of my favorite songs off D’Angelo’s classic album Voodoo.

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