🌇 Ladies and gentlemen, the weekend...

“Teen Scene” by Maeta ft. Buddy

Released September 2020 - Spotify
Maeta’s airy vocals really float over this signature Kaytranada beat, and together with Buddy’s verse they make a versatile song that is both relaxing & upbeat.

“Peaches” by Milk & Bone ft. Alex Lustig

Released April 2019 - Spotify
This 80’s synth dream-pop anthem is extremely cute and still gets regular plays despite being released almost two years ago. Coming soon to a Netflix teen rom-com (if it hasn’t already).

“Thank God for the Trap” by Larry June

Released December 2020 - Spotify
Cardo’s syrupy synths and g-phunk baseline, mixed with some laidback raps from Bay Area & Atlanta native Larry June, set the atmosphere for an evening of enjoying The History Channel.