☀️ music to get vaccinated to

In the name of the Pfizer, we pray.

“Find Your Way” by San Holo ft. Bipolar Sunshine

Released February 2021 - Spotify
Let out a single, nostalgic tear of joy as you get that first dose with this wailing anthem from San Holo and Bipolar Sunshine.

“my humps + oye como va” by Paul Mond

Released 2019
Yup. Try not to fall in love with the person administering your vaccine as Paul Mond creates the most Miami sounding thing you’ve ever heard by throwing headphone-rattling bass over a surprisingly successful mashup of Santana’s classic with Fergie and Will.I.Am.

“Congratulations” by Drake

Released February 2009 - Spotify
As we teeter on the precipice of freedom from lockdown, and are then thrust directly into what I hope will be a gloriously cathartic summer, bask in this triumphant Coldplay-sampling throwback from the project that catapulted Aubrey into superstardom.