🌙 SOPHIE, Channel Tres, and Danish music

"Recap” by Kito featuring VanJess & Channel Tres

Released Feb 2021 - Spotify
✅  summery guitar ✅  catchy hook ✅  pool side cool guys. This song is an immediate mood-boosting jam, and Channel Tres is my pick for coolest artist out right now.

"Somendrøm” by Hans Philip

Released Jan 2021 - Spotify
This is in Danish and I have no idea what Hans is saying but his voice is beautiful and the atmosphere is very soothing. Light up some incense.

"Lemonade” by SOPHIE

Released 2014 - Spotify
🌙 😔 RIP SOPHIE. This song was my first introduction to SOPHIE, and I can still remember the first time I heard it. “Lemonade” features her signature song structure that alternates between syrupy-sweet, high-pitched pop melodies and an epileptic barrage of bass & construction noises. SOPHIE came into an outdated music industry and showed it what it could be, and has laid the foundation for a new generation of artists.