🔊 The inaugural three are here

If you’re reading this… thank you. I’m going to learn from the heinous online cooking recipes with bloated introductions and just skip to the music:

“Social Cues” by Teezo Touchdown

Released Nov 2020—Spotify

This kid sounds like blond-era Andre 3K, dresses in 90’s punk and goth fits, and made this 80’s sounding hit. As quarantine and my looming 30’s take turns beating down my social skills, Teezo’s hook about “missing a few social cues” is catchy and relevant. Expect more of this sound in 2021.

“no_hands” by &drew

Released 2019 (??)—SoundcloudDownload

Spring is around the corner, and this light-hearted yet triumphant rework of an early 2010’s frat anthem is nothing short of visionary. This is what I imagine prancing through a field of daisies with a bottle of Hennessy feels like. I miss Roscoe Dash.

“Sourire” by bad tuner

Released Dec 2020—Spotify

A cheat code for making enjoyable music: putting sultry French vocals over an effortless lounge beat. Add in a quirky, low budget music video with neon lighting and yellow subtitles, and it’s a viiibe. The songs opens up real nice at a little past the minute mark.

Aaaand that’s the first batch, hopefully you liked em. Feel free to give me feedback or help spread the word. ✌️