🕺 This week’s three

“God” by Bladee & Mechatok

Released November 2020 - Spotify

If you ever thought “Numa Numa Dance” was the shit (don’t lie) then this song is for you. Swedish rapper Bladee has gained quite a cult following and is one of many artists proving that weirdness will keep winning in 2021. Queue this up on your next run or high heart rate activity of choice.

“When I’m in Your Arms” by Cleo Sol

Released March 2020 - Spotify

Luscious, decadent, molten—anything used to describe an expensive chocolate lava cake could also apply to this song. She must have pulled those strings and harps out of a renaissance painting.

“3AM (Toro Y Moi Remix)” by HAIM

Released March 2020 - Spotify

Toro Y Moi flips this originally low-key HAIM track into a youthful, nostalgia-tinged bop with some driving electric guitar. I find Mr. Chaz Bundick to be one of the most consistently creative and inspiring artists (both musical and otherwise) around.