🎻 three songs for different summer moods

“Whateva U Need” by Grimm Lynn

Released Feb 2021—Spotify
Let this ride during your next summer cool-down. I’m imagining some lit incense, white noise from a fan whirring, and breezy, open windows on a hot Saturday afternoon.

“Hot N Heavy” by Jessie Ware

Released June 2021—Spotify
Jessie Ware continues her hit streak of updated sensual disco on the deluxe release of her latest stellar album.

“Blue (Flume Remix)” by Eiffel 65

Released July 2020—Spotify
The drop on this makes me want to snap my laptop in half with my knee and chuck it out the window of a tall building. Flume’s blissfully chaotic remix of one of the best songs of the 90s came out last summer, but deserves way more love.

Throwing in an extra since I took a break last week.

“PAIN (1993)” by pandi

Released May 2021—Bandcamp
Pandi is one of the best Soundcloud producers out right now, and this beat always makes my face scrunch up. Those strings 🎻🎻🎻