🎺 threee sooongs

“Get Sun” by Hiatus Kaiyote feat. Arthur Verocai

Released June 2021—Spotify
The horns. The strings. The hi hats. The opulence. This is what writing checks in the Versace mansion must feel like.

“pain (slowed + reverb)” by pinkpantheress

Released February 2021—Spotify
pinkpantheress is splashing onto the scene, and has multiple songs making their round on TikTok. Underneath the hype though she’s only 20, got a great voice, and showing great long-term potential. The slowed & reverb version of this song just hits a little different though, giving it a mystical summer night feel.

“Wild and Lethal Trash!” by Goldlink ft. Fire! & Santigold

Released June 2021—Spotify
Santigold sounds as good as ever, and this mesmerizing beat feels like floating through Super Mario 64.