3️⃣ Three for yee

I accidentally took a little break last week, but we’re back 🕺

“Cherry Pit” by Luna Li

Released March 2021Spotify
Luna Li has jaw dropping talent. Check out her twitter for some awesome 1-minute long process video of how she makes her music. She can play every instrument possible.

“Everybody Loves You” by Felly feat. Kota the Friend ( prod. Monte Booker)

Released March 2021Spotify
An uplifting little jam with a wavy beat from Soulection rep Monte Booker and great verses from both Felly and Kota the Friend. If you haven’t checked out Kota, he’s one of the best new rappers out—breaking the mold with his summery sound and breezy flows.

“So Hard” by Wealstarr

Released March 2020Spotify
A motivational banger with a euphoric drop—perfect for your next sweat session.