🕺 three songs to dance to this weekend

“soft spot” by piri feat. Tommy Villiers

Released June 2021—Spotify
I’m really loving this emerging r&b sound with a high bpm (almost drum & bass ish) that piri and pinkpantheress are experimenting with.

“Replay” by Tems

Released September 2021—Spotify
Loving the melody on this upbeat offering from Nigerian star Tems.

“Quiet on Set” by Remi Wolf

Released August 2021—Spotify
Remi Wolf will be winning a Grammy in the coming years. I feel a personal connection to Wolf, who is both a bay area native and also went to USC ✌️

three by seven by two

So much music was slated to release this week that I decided to skip last week and do a double edition.

“Billie (Loving Arms)” by Fred again…

Released August 2021—Spotify
Definitely play this at your next celebration with friends.

“MUTUAL” by Flozigg

Released August 2021—Spotify
Newcomer Flozigg delivers some futuristic R&B with a niiice bounce.

“You Can Do It” by CARIBOU

Released August 2021—Spotify

“Titanic” by Cosmo’s Midnight

Released August 2021—Spotify
Cosmo’s Midnight continue the years-long streak of consistent summer jams.

“OOO” by Branko

Released August 2021—Spotify
All-star Portuguese producer Branko drops off a

“Two Worlds Apart” by Little Simz

Released September 2021—Spotify
Little Simz has been killing it for years, and floats on this effortless sample from her latest album.

last week's three

“Fuzzy” by courtship.

Released August 2021—Spotify
A cheeky, end-of-summer vibe booster that’ll definitely put a spring in your step.

“Just for me” by Pinkpantheress

Released August 2021—Spotify
Yeah yeah, I did just share a Pinkpantheress song a few weeks ago, but she is really next up, and this Mura Masa produced track is just more proof.

“Super Cell” by Trippie Redd

Released 2019—Spotify
Rage beats are the latest trend in rap where the beat sounds like an old video game. This has been making rounds on TikTok after Trippie teased it, and it’s finally here, accompanied by some Dragon Ball Z inspired visuals.

🍍 threeeee

“Premade” by Junior Varsity

Released August 2021—Spotify
It’s been interesting watching the slow but sure resurgence of 90s alt rock, but with modern rap cadences and ad-libs. “Premade” is an anthemic take on this (re)emerging sound.

“The Way You Used To Love Me” by Diamond Cafe

Released September 2018—Spotify
This thing is timeless. Enjoy this new live rendition above.

“VA Y VEN” by Tainy & Yandel

Released July 2021—Spotify
A breezy bop that could’ve been in any of the early Fast & Furious movies.

⛲️ friday three

“More Love” by Sedona

Released 2019—Spotify
Every radio dance song is going to sound like this new disco for the next year so might as well embrace it. I’m not mad.

“Larabar” by Wet

Released August 2021—Spotify
Wet is back and watering tear ducts everywhere with this gorgeous new piece. Love the keys and the vocal effects, definitely hearing some Bon Iver / Francis & the Lights influence. Also, Eric Hu did their logo.

“She Wanna” by Guapdad 4000 feat. P-Lo

Released 2021—Spotify
This hilarious, extremely NSFW jam is for all my yay area hyphy subscribers. Ghost ride a whip this weekend.

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