🌼 three songs for your paid time off

“Assumptions” by Sam Gellaitry

Released May 2021—Spotify
Super-producer and child prodigy Sam Gellaitry has evolved into a full-fledged artist and vocalist. This song showcases how he has made the transition seamlessly, and it has me craving a night out somewhere with those light-up tiled dance floors.

“From these Heights” by Jehlani Aryeh

Released May 2021—Spotify
A sun-soaked top-down track that is reminiscent of the “Pumped Up Kicks” blog era glory days of indie music.

“Luigi” by TiaCorine

Released 2021—Spotify
TiaCorine shows off some playful flows and a catchy hook over a bouncy signature instrumental from KennyBeats.

🕺 three songs for a solo dance party

First off, welcome to all the new kids that joined class this week! Excited to have you, and thanks for signing up.

“Waiting” by Jengi

Released April 2021—Spotify
Bust some dance moves to this irresistibly charismatic and funky track. We really have been waiting for so long.

“CURRY” by Aaron Cartier

Released April 2021—Spotify
Aaron Cartier has both an incredible name and a bombastic, over the top persona that is chaotic and infectious. This song only has 2-3 lyrics, but quality > quantitiy, right?

“springs” by akari

Released April 2021—Spotify
Once a week I think about Bossa Nova Civic Club or the Black Flamingo basement and long for the smooth, chilled out house beats that played after hours.

Since we’ve got so many new joiners, I’ll throw in an extra this week:

“take u” by kas

Released April 2021—Soundcloud
Soundcloud producer kas samples Dua Lipa’s unavoidable “Levitating” and flips it into a huuuge feel good beat. I wish this was longer.

💦 three songs to enjoy warmer days

“TRUST FUND BABY” by Amaarae

Released Nov 2020—Spotify
Ghanaian NY native Amaarae has the coolest voice and this song is an all-around vibe.

“durag activity” by Baby Keem ft. Travis Scott

Released April 2021—Spotify
While I normally try not to promote songs that are near the top of Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist, this one is just too good. Baby Keem is one of the top artists I want to see when IRL concerts start back up, and my personal favorite of all the “Baby” rappers. Keem has impressive vision, his last project was incredible, and Orange Soda still bangs.

“Boys Don’t Cry” by NoMBe

Released April 2021—Spotify
Watch NoMBe flex his impressive collection of printed, short sleeve button-ups.

♨️ fresh three

“Sunbathe” by Tainy featuring Miguel

Released February 2021—Spotify
Enjoy this sunshine worshipping jaaaam from Tainy and the angel-voiced, all-around perfect human Miguel.

“Service” by Silver Sun

Released 1996—Spotify
A nostalgic throwback from 90’s British power pop band Silver Sun. I particularly enjoy the catchy, layered vocals that would soundtrack a satisfyingly mediocre sit-com intro perfectly.

“Syrup” by Tkay Maidza

Released April 2021—Spotify
Tkay really channeled Missy Elliott perfectly on this bounce-y slapper.

🌸 three on a saturday

“Fuckin’ Wit’ D” by DMX

Released 1998—Spotify
🕊🕊🕊 RIP to a legend.

“Meu Nome É Niguém” by Luiz Bonfá

Released 1966—Spotify
Luiz Bonfá’s bossa nova bliss was my soundtrack to the city when I went through a rough patch a few years ago. The beauty of his music is hard to put into words, but it’s extremely soothing, and is good for both adding a sparkling sheen of romance to an at-home dinner, or drowning out the inner and exterior noise as you walk through the city.

“Heartbroke” by Clubhouse

Released March 2021—Spotify
Poolside cool guys season is approaching quickly, friends.

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