What’s 3 by 7, and who is Arj?

I’m Arj. I’m a product designer with an architecture background, and also a music producer. I have over a 100+ Spotify playlists, and my music is on Bandcamp.

I believe music discovery was at its prime in 2007-2013, when it was driven by bloggers and online forums. Spotify’s playlists and algorithm were great for a while, but they’ve gotten pretty cold. All the big playlists are pushing safe artists that are either signed already or have larger fan bases, and my experience with recommendations like Discover Weekly is that the algorithm has put my musical taste in a pretty small box.

\I think music recommendations are best when you can feel the enthusiasm coming from the person giving them to you, so 3 by 7 is my effort to bring that back, while still keeping it short and focused.

My last project Endorphins raised over $1000 for The Okra Project, an inspiring organization that provides meals for Black Trans people.

Website - Twitter - Instagram - Bandcamp

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He/him. Staff Product Designer @kickstarter. I studied architecture & computer science. Also, a music producer. Previously @ Frank Gehry @amazon @beyond @bcgdv